The vision of leading a local church lives in the heart of many men and women who hear God’s unmistakable call. The Pastoral Leadership Practicum is designed to train students who want to lead and pastor.

  • Learn to launch and lead new church campuses.
  • Learn to build up staff and volunteers leaders within a church environment.
  • Learn to pastor members of a church community.
  • Learn to plan and preach a compelling and life-giving message. 
  • Learn to lead and value team members, celebrating the skills they each bring.
Practicum Courses
1st Semester
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Personal Development
  • Creating Culture
2nd Semester
  • Communication Preparation
  • Leading Teams & Services
  • Church Systems
3rd Semester
  • Communicating in Services
  • Church Administration
  • Introduction to Pastoral Care & Counseling
4th Semester
  • Advanced Communication
  • Personal & Church Finances
  • Practical Ministry & Cultural Engagement
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