Youth groups and college ministries are more important than ever, helping tweens, teens, and young adults navigate the complexities of being a youth today. 

  • Learn to develop and deliver meaningful and effective evangelism to middle school, high school, and college-aged students. 
  • Learn to coordinate events designed to engage students in age-appropriate ways. 
  • Learn to give pastoral care to young people both individually and through small groups. 
  • Learn to lead and value team members and celebrate the skills they each bring.
Practicum Courses
1st Semester
  • Communication 101
  • Motion Model
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
2nd Semester
  • Communication 201
  • Relevant Doubts
  • Creating Services
  • Pastoral Care
3rd Semester
  • Communication 301
  • Biblical Beginnings in Leadership ‚Äì Joshua
  • Common Leadership Weaknesses
  • Current Issues in Student Ministry
4th Semester
  • Communication 401
  • How to Build a Student Ministry
  • Personal Growth 201
  • Engaging Culture
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