God’s message never changes, but our methods in spreading His word are ever-evolving. The Technical Arts Practicum trains students in the skills required to deliver the Gospel in the most compelling way possible.

  • Learn to engineer and mix audio with specialized digital audio consoles.
  • Learn to design and utilize specialized lighting with event-specific lights.
  • Learn to direct live video shoots through effective set design, lighting design, audio engineering, and training in live video playback.
  • Learn to design and budget for both small and large scale AVL operations.
  • Learn to lead and value team members, celebrating the skills they each bring.
Practicum Courses
1st Semester
  • Audio Basics
  • Live Broadcast Basics
  • Basics to Lighting Design
  • Ministry DNA
2nd Semester
  • Portable Audio
  • Video Engineering and Camera Directing
  • Lighting Programming & Playback
  • Ministry DNA
3rd Semester
  • Audio Tools & Techniques
  • Advanced Video Engineering & Live Event Management
  • Design Process
  • Ministry DNA
4th Semester
  • Advanced Mixing Techniques
  • Advanced Video Processing & Distribution
  • Advanced Programming & Design
  • Mentorship with Assigned Campus
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