Music is an essential, life-affirming component of the worship service. It is also present in many of the church’s regular ministries. The Worship Leadership Practicum trains musically-gifted students to use their God-given talents in becoming a worship leader. Students receive training on stage at Church of the Highlands’ weekend services, chapels, and youth events.

  • Learn to build and utilize effective systems and processes in designing worship.
  • Learn to write and produce music that contributes to creative worship.
  • Learn to lead rehearsals for a music team. 
  • Learn to utilize a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, and voice, all from a foundation of ear training.
  • Learn to lead and value team members, celebrating the skills they each bring.
Practicum Courses
1st Semester
  • Intro to Music Theory
  • Worship Culture
  • Elective (Keyboard 1, Guitar 1, Music Directing)
2nd Semester
  • Intro to Ear Training
  • Creating Worship Environments
  • Elective (Keyboard 2, Guitar 1, Technical Production & Application)
3rd Semester
  • Systems & Processes
  • Essentials of MultiTracks & Resourcing
  • Elective (Keyboard 2, Guitar 1, Ableton)
4th Semester
  • Worship Through the Psalms
  • Elective (Keyboard 2, Guitar 1, Ableton)
  • Elective (Songwriting, Technical Production & Application)
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