Leadership goes beyond you and leaves a legacy.

America's Ministry Leadership University

At Highlands College, the rising generation of ministry leaders are educated and equipped to fulfill God’s call on their life and make an eternal impact through the local church.

Send a Student

When students come to Highlands College, they receive more than a college degree.

At America's ministry leadership university, they will find a community of like-minded believers, state-of-the art academic resources, and immersive ministry training to prepare them for a life of eternal impact.

Hire a Graduate

Our graduates are eager to reach the lost and encourage believers who are unsettled by a complex and ever-changing world.

Educated, empowered, and equipped — they are prepared to step confidently into the harvest field, serve under your leadership, and minister to the incredible people in your community.

Build the Future

Highlands College would not be possible without the generous support of individuals, families, churches, and organizations who invest in our mission and vision.

Their support makes our unique training model, state-of-the-art facilities, and ability to intentionally serve our students possible.

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