Visionary-in-Residence Bobby Gruenewald

Bobby Gruenewald

Innovation Leader at Life.Church

Founder and CEO of YouVerison 


Today, students, Discovery Day guests, and the Highlands College team had the honor of learning from Highlands College Visionary-in-Residence Bobby Gruenewald. 


Bobby Gruenewald is passionate about exploring new ideas and finding practical ways to leverage them for the global Church. He serves as Pastor and Innovation Leader at Life.Church, a multi-site church based in Oklahoma. Meeting in 42 different physical locations and globally online, the church is devoted to helping people around the world become fully devoted followers of Christ. Pastor Bobby is also the founder and CEO of the YouVersion Bible App, which has been installed on more than 500 million devices. Working with Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel, Gruenewald has helped shape Life. Church’s missional approach to technology, reaching people in every country in the world through initiatives like Church Online, the YouVersion Bible App, and the Bible App for Kids. Before joining Life.Church team in 2001, he started and sold two technology companies as well as served in advisory capacities for various startups and venture capital funds. He was also named to Fast Company’s list of the Most Creative People in Business. His focus now is completely on Life.Church and the incredible things God is doing in the lives of people each day. 


The Highlands College In-Residence Program aims to expose students to a cross-functional group of esteemed leaders who are excited to invest their expertise and experience into the next generation of leaders. Today, students, discovery day guests, our team, and Highlands College Community Partners got to learn from Pastor Bobby as he taught the importance of not letting your limitations limit what God has for you. 


Here is what 3rd-semester student, Noah Crawford had to say about his In-Residence Day experience, 

“Pastor Bobby spoke about the importance of just taking the first step. Something from his message that stuck out to me was when he said, “humility is being able to occupy the space God has given you.” Throughout his whole story, he showed us that if we occupy the steps that God has given us to occupy, and are truly under the will of God, then the Lord will provide the things that will be needed along the journey and to completion!”


Another 3rd-semester Pastoral Practicum Student, Ryah Norman left inspired, stating,

“Bobby Gruendwald said, ‘if we just have enough faith to take the first step, God will do the rest and provide the resources.’ Leaving chapel today, I feel inspired and encouraged to take the next step towards the dreams God had put on my heart.”


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