How to Prepare For Finals with Professor Benson

One of our greatest hopes for our students is that throughout their time at Highlands College they develop the skills and desire to be lifelong learners. Highlands College exists to raise up leaders for the harvest field that are clothed in humility, passionate about the Word of God, and seek to glorify Him in everything we do! 

Study for Finals

As finals week approaches, students are beginning to prepare for their exams and complete final projects. Learning how to study effectively is just as important as learning what they need to know to succeed in their finals. We asked one of our professors, Stacey Benson, for her best tips for studying to equip our students to finish this term well! 


  1. Never cram for exams. What you learn from cramming only stays with you short term. Instead, plan to study for your exams over several days. Studies show, students have a better understanding of what they learn and remember it long term when learning opportunities are intentionally spaced out.


  1. Sleep is very important in memory formation. Remember to get plenty of sleep when you study for finals. While you sleep, your brain works to retain what you’ve been studying so that you can recall it later.


  1. Find the right study environment. It needs to be free from distractions so you can focus your attention on the exam material.


  1. Find study partners. A small group that studies together can be incredibly encouraging as you prepare for your exams. A great study partner might also have things to share that you missed or failed to take note of during class.


  1. Work in some fun. Take time to treat yourself during exam prep. If you stick to your study schedule, go reward yourself with a walk outside or a special meal or snack. Rewards help lower your stress level and help you regain your focus when you hit the books again.


As you prepare for finals week, we pray Ephesians 1:17 over you and your classmates. We ask the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to rest upon you; so that through all your studying and tests you would know Him better. Blessings on all your studying! 

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