Our Partnerships

Highlands College has three unique partnerships that play an integral role in developing our students. Through these partnerships, we connect students with unprecedented opportunities to gain real-world experience and launch their careers in ministry.


Church of the Highlands

Church of the Highlands led by Pastor Chris Hodges, exists to help people know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference.


The Association of Related Churches (ARC) works with church planters and church leaders to provide support, guidance, and resources to launch life-giving churches.


GrowLeader exists to grow leaders, who grow churches, by helping them reach their full potential.

Our Partnership with Church of the Highlands

In 2001, Church of the Highlands had an internship program known as 24/7. As Highlands experienced explosive growth, church leaders soon realized a need for something greater than an internship. It was through this need that Highlands College was established.

Today, Church of the Highlands serves as the living laboratory of Highlands College. Our students take what they learn in the classroom, and then are able to directly apply their learning through this local church partnership. It is our learning philosophy that the best education involves hands-on training. This level of real-world experience can only be accomplished through our partnership with Church of the Highlands and their 20+ locations.

Our Partnership with ARC

The very first church ever to be planted by ARC was Church of the Highlands. Since its launch, Highlands has reinvested into ARC, which has grown to plant over 900 churches. Today, some of ARC’s church plants have become the largest and fastest-growing churches in America. Thousands of people make a decision to follow Christ and are baptized in ARC church plants every year. In addition, ARC’s global impact is growing rapidly through a growing list of hubs like ARC Ireland, ARC Australia, ARC Canada, ARC South Africa, ARC Netherlands, ARC Italy, ARC Asia, and ARC Brazil.

Because of its rapid growth, the global Church has never been more in need of strong, dynamic leaders than now. Highland College’s partnership with ARC allows our students to make direct connections with hundreds of growing churches and ministry positions all across the globe. This partnership, coupled with the hands-on training they receive through Highlands College, sets our students up for an impactful ministry career.

Our Partnership with GrowLeader

GrowLeader exists to grow leaders, who grow churches, by helping them reach their full potential. From their leadership podcast and monthly mentoring calls to their annual conference and personal coaching, GrowLeader shares essential resources and practical advice to foster both personal and professional growth.

The heart behind Highlands College’s partnership with GrowLeader is our collective commitment to developing leaders and fulfilling the Great Commission. Together we are equipping today’s leaders and empowering tomorrow’s.