Must-Read Books for Future Leaders

The summertime is the ideal season to rest and recover. It’s also the perfect time to grow. A value that we champion in our students is that leaders are lifelong learners. Highlands College takes a holistic approach to equipping, educating, and empowering students to lead a life of eternal impact. With that in mind, we gathered a list of book recommendations from our President and faculty to help you make the most of your summer. Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the Great Commission, learn about effective leadership, or explore historical narratives, there’s something here for everyone.


Mark Pettus

The Great Story and the Great Commission

Christopher J. H. Wright

This book explores the narrative of the Bible and its missional themes, connecting the story of Scripture with the mission of the church.

The Anxious Generation

Jonathan Haidt

An insightful look into the challenges facing today’s youth and practical ways to address anxiety and mental health issues.

Turn the Ship Around

L. David Marquet

A compelling account of how one leader turned a struggling submarine crew into one of the most successful teams in the Navy, offering valuable lessons in leadership and empowerment.

Undaunted Courage

Stephen E. Ambrose

This historical biography of Meriwether Lewis, one of the leaders of the Lewis and Clark expedition, is an inspiring tale of exploration, courage, and leadership.

A Tale of Three Kings

Gene Edwards

A classic book on brokenness, healing, and leadership through the biblical stories of Saul, David, and Absalom.


Think Ahead: 7 Decisions You Can Make Today for the God-Honoring Life You Want Tomorrow

Craig Groeschel

Every Day a Miracle: Trusting the God Who Heals Us Inside and Out

Matthew Stephen Brown

Knowing Scripture

R. C. Sproul

High Road Leadership: Bringing People Together in a World That Divides

John C. Maxwell

The Pursuit of Holiness

Jerry Bridges

C.S. Lewis – A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet

Alister McGrath

Mere Christianity

C.S. Lewis

Basic Christianity

John Stott

Stories with Intent: A Comprehensive Guide to the Parables of Jesus

Klyne R. Snodgrass

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith

Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg

The Problem of Pain

C.S. Lewis

Whether you’re relaxing at the beach or spending quiet moments at home, make the most of your summer and take some time to invest in your personal and spiritual development.

Be sure to share your thoughts and reflections on these books with us on social media, and tag us @highlandscollege. We look forward to hearing how these reads inspire you and deepen your relationship with God.