Invest in your future with an education that empowers your extraordinary calling.

At Highlands College, the impact of our students’ investment in a first-class education is multiplied by scholarships and financial programs – made possible by the generosity of those that believe in their unique calling and have financially invested in their future.

Annual Educational Investment

The Highlands College experience is provided through an all-inclusive fee that simplifies a family’s educational investment.

These rates apply to those entering Highlands College in the Fall of 2023 or Fall of 2024.


Average annual out-of-pocket expense after scholarships and financial programs


Average annual combined Scholarships and Financial Program awarded


Annual Tuition and Student Experience Fee

*Average incidental expenses for an HC student are approximately $6,000/year which include fuel, groceries, entertainment, etc.

Financial Breakdowns

Tuition & Experience Fee Breakdown

Academic Instruction

  • Tuition
  • iPad
  • Books
  • Active Learning Studios
  • Library

Ministry Training

  • Sunday Serve
  • Leadership Encounter Days
  • In-Residence Experience
  • Placement Services
  • Outreach

Character Development

  • Freshman Housing
  • Meal Plan
  • HC Leads Now
  • On Campus Fitness Center
  • Student Life
  • Half Marathon
  • Expedition
  • Financial Coaching

Spiritual Formation

  • Pastoral Care
  • Chapel
  • Conferences
  • Navigator Mentoring
  • Small Groups

Holistic Training Experience

At Highlands College, we believe a great leader is a lifelong learner, which is why we take a unique approach to higher education through a holistic training experience. Students will be trained in four areas, known as the four pillars; academic instruction, ministry training, character formation, and spiritual development.

Student Life

You’ll create a lifelong network of friends in Christ as you share community and support each other through the unique rewards and challenges of ministry training. Build character, develop relationships and mature spiritually.