Alumni Feature | RJ Limon – Class of 2024

Our graduates are called, transformed, and sent to lead the local church, and we love seeing them take intentional next steps in their God-given calling! RJ Limon recently graduated with a degree in Worship Leadership and committed to making an eternal impact through Lakepointe Church’s Residency Program in Texas. We caught up with RJ to find out what he loved about his Highlands College experience and the most valuable lessons he is taking into this new season. Read more to find out how God is moving in his life!


RJ Limon

2024 Highlands College Graduate

What is your role going to be?

I’m going to be a Lakepointe Church Resident in Rockwall, Texas.

As you reflect on your time at HC, what stands out the most?

The friendships we create stand out from my time at Highlands College, because they make the HC Family a special part of our lives.

What is your favorite way to spend your day off?

I love to spend my off days in community with my friends by going to different coffee shops, hanging out by the pool, or traveling to different cities in the region.

What has been the most impactful aspect of your time at Highlands College?

The most impactful aspect of my time at Highlands College was Chapel. Having a moment where we could worship as a student body, hear an incredible word from our pastors, leaders, & world-class visionaries, experience the power and presence of God, and be refreshed and reminded of how we must live in alignment with what the Word of God says.

How did you hear about your new ministry opportunity?

Last summer, I got an opportunity to be a part of an eight-week summer internship at Lakepointe Church, and once the internship came to a close, I was offered to join their Residency Program that trains college graduates to be equipped, prepared, and challenged to enter into full-time ministry.

Can you share a particular moment or lesson that has stayed with you since your time at HC?

During HC, I learned, “If you’re too big to serve, you’re too small to lead.” This lesson taught me that ministry is all about how to become a servant with the right heart, character, mindset, and spirit that is willing to lower themselves daily so that Christ may receive all the glory forevermore.

What advice would you give to current or aspiring students looking to make an impact?

If you are a current or aspiring student, be patient and trust the process. Many of us want to make an impact by receiving every tool we need to be sent out into the mission field and fulfill our calling, but we must be reminded that Jesus started His ministry when He was 30 years old, meaning that we don’t have to be in a hurry to go out and make a difference in the world.

Over four years, Highlands College builds, trains, develops, challenges, and equips young, aspiring leaders and pastors to be in love with God through His Word and His people at church. Soak in every moment and lean into every opportunity that God presents to you during your time at HC.

Any stories or testimonies that you want to share?

A testimony I would love to share is how God used me to deliver the Gospel to seven high schoolers at a youth camp last summer at Lakepointe Church, and each of them responded to the call of salvation, a call to baptism, and a call to be in full-time ministry. I was in awe of what God was doing through these young men, and now, after a year, they are continuing to lead their peers in their youth group and their families by being involved in serving at their church and by delivering the Gospel to their friends at their school.

What are you most looking forward to in starting this new role?

In this new season, I am most looking forward to being challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and creating close relationships with other pastors, leaders, and staff. Through this new chapter of my life and in full-time ministry, I believe that God will strengthen, give me wisdom and stature, and walk in authority and confidence in knowing my identity that comes from Him and be able to create life-long relationships with people from all walks of life.

What do you love about the church you are going to work at?

What I love about Lakepointe Church is their hunger and passion for the Word of God and His Presence and how they’re making a difference not only in the Dallas area, but across the nation and in the world through their church-planting organization—Strategic Launch Network (SLN). They’re doing everything short of sin to reach people for Christ and expanding to multiple services on Saturdays and Sundays at different locations to make room for people to hear the Gospel. So, it’s an amazing season to be a part of the Lakepointe Family.

We look forward to seeing how RJ continues to make an eternal impact beyond Highlands College.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know one of our amazing Highlands College alumni. Learn more about Highlands College and how you can get connected to our incredible network of graduates around the world.