Highlands College Alumni Gather for First-Ever Regional Meetup in Nashville, TN

On February 13, 2024, a heartfelt reunion unfolded as Highlands College Alumni gathered from all corners of Nashville and the broader Tennessee region for our inaugural Alumni Regional Meetup. Hosted at 5 Stones Church in Franklin, TN, the evening offered a delightful dinner, providing the perfect backdrop for alumni to reconnect with old friends, make new acquaintances, and foster meaningful relationships with fellow graduates residing in their local community.

Reflecting on the event, Alumni Director Hamid Al-Dlaigan shared, “It was truly heartwarming to see the diverse mix of our alumni, with seven different churches being represented in attendance. We had both evening and traditional graduates. We had graduates from 10 years ago and some from as recent as last May.”

Our vision for these meetups goes beyond gatherings; we hope to create meaningful opportunities for our alumni to connect, share experiences, and celebrate the incredible ways in which God is using them in their communities. This first meetup laid a strong foundation for future meetups and gave everyone a great understanding of who is doing ministry in their city.

Hamid continued, expressing his genuine excitement about the future of these meetups and the growth of our alumni department at Highlands College. Looking ahead, we anticipate more moments of joy and connection as we persist in building a strong alumni community dedicated to a life of eternal impact.

Alumni Reflections

“At the meetup, there was friendly fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere with ministry-minded people who live to serve Jesus. I really enjoyed getting to be part of the first meetup for HC Alumni.”

– Tammy Morse-Jones, Highlands College Evening, Class of 2022

“Last night was filled with so many great conversations and amazing people. Highlands College will always be HC family!”

– Evan & Megan Bossert, Highlands College, Class of 2023

Highlands College Alumni, you are leaders in the harvest field, and we want to celebrate, connect, collaborate, and care for you at every stage of your ministry journey. Explore the exclusive resources – like upcoming meetups, the Alumni Newsletter, and more – designed for you and let our team know how we can support you! Together, the best is yet to come!