Five Questions That Will Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Chancellor Chris Hodges concluded the Impact Leadership Conference with a Lunch and Learn experience. The content shared was formed around the idea that good leaders ask great questions. He provided five practical questions leaders can ask themselves to help reach their maximum potential. 

1. “The Clarifying Question:” What is the clear measurable win?

To lead effectively, you have to know the clear objective of your life. Leaders need to have a clear vision for the reason why they do the things they do. Once you see the vision, you need to communicate the vision clearly. You need to stress how you share the vision because language creates culture. Language enables both your team and your customer to take your journey with you. Language can’t be internal. It has to be “street language” that is easy to understand for outsiders. 


2. “The Focus Question:” What will we do to accomplish the vision? 

A system is how you accomplish the “what.”The most successful companies are not the ones with the best product. The most successful companies are the ones who come up with the best system to deliver the product. An example Chancellor Chris gave was how the Church of the Highlands uses systems to accomplish the vision.

    Vision                System 

Know God -> Weekend Services

Find Freedom -> Small Groups

Discover Purpose -> Growth Track 

Make a Difference -> Dream Team

However, leaders fall into a dangerous trap if they fall more in love with the system than with the vision. A leader must be married to the vision. The vision must remain as the cornerstone, not the system. Be willing to change and improve systems to advance the vision consistently. 


3. “The Reality Question:” How are we doing? 

Instead of worrying about getting bigger, put your time and energy towards getting better. Don’t worry about the size. Worry about health. Healthy things grow. A practical way to gauge a team’s health is by measuring the facts.

You can do this by:

  • Collecting the data
  • Evaluating the results 
  • Celebrating the wins
  • Confronting the facts
  • Getting better

4. “The Culture Question:” What are the keys to success?

Culture trumps everything. You can never build culture. You have to be culture. Learn what you need to create for your team to want to be there. As a leader, there are four cultural principles that you need to “be.”

  1. Maintain passion
    • If you don’t have it, get it. And if you have it, maintain it.
  2. Value people
    • You have to teach how to value people. 
  3. Pursue excellence
    • You can only pursue excellence because you can never attain it. 
    • You gain repeat customers by providing a comfortable experience.
    • Excellence creates comfort. 
  4. Choose attitude
    • You don’t wait for attitude; you choose it.
    • You don’t have to feel good to be good.


5. “The Now Question:” What one thing if it got better makes the most significant difference in the world?

A leader must acknowledge weaknesses to eliminate them. As a leader, action is required to move the vision forward. Evaluate you and your team and identify the most significant hindrance that is preventing progression. Start with doing something that makes the biggest difference. 

Thank you to Chancellor Chris Hodges for not only providing our Impact Conference guests with phenomenal wisdom but also supporting the mission of Highlands College through the Eternal Impact Campaign. This comprehensive initiative will fund a tuition endowment, making it possible for 1,000 young leaders to be trained every year, as well as provide funding to renovate the Grandview Campus, the future home to the college. The Phase I goal is $100 million. 

The Eternal Impact Campaign is seeking to fulfill a vision that has never been accomplished. Highlands College is paving the way for a new outlook on higher education, thanks to the support of donors who attended the Impact Leadership Conference.

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