Overview of Bible College Curriculum Highlands College Provides

We approach academics with the purpose of strengthening our students’ understanding of their Christ-centered calling and providing them the tools they need to faithfully make an eternal impact in their communities. We do those by providing a holistic training approach with bible college curriculum focused on developing a healthy mind, body, soul, and spirit. 

At Highlands College, we believe the best leaders never stop learning. It is our goal to not just teach our students how to take tests, but how to be passionate, life-long learners who love God’s word and know how to study it, teach it, and live it. We challenge our students to think critically about what is going on in the world today, and we train them to have a biblically-based worldview. Our students will not only be immersed in the word of God daily, but they will also learn to face the challenges of today’s world through the filter of God’s word. 

Our teachers are invested in our student’s academic growth, spiritual development, and character formation. 100% of our faculty have the qualifications to teach in any university in the US, having earned a master’s degree or doctorate. Many have their Master’s in Divinity. 

We are constantly raising our academic standards. Even now, we are enhancing our curriculum. To accomplish this, we are studying the best practices from other colleges and are adapting them to our holistic approach. With the help of technology, we are shifting from lecture-based learning to active learning, which prioritizes application through collaboration/team-based learning; and where appropriate; simulations; and service-learning. We are also committed to making academic instruction more practical, with an increasing emphasis on universal job and technology skills-like spreadsheet use and budgeting basics. 

In addition to our foundational academic and ministry leadership courses, our curriculum also provides the opportunity for students to select immersive hands-on ministry training opportunities in one of eight different areas of concentration including Creative, Pastoral Leadership, Students, Outreach, Conference and Events, Family Ministry, Technical Arts, and Worship Leadership. We believe experience is the best teacher. At Highlands College, students receive hands-on training and real-time ministry experience through Church of the Highlands – one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the world. Students graduate from Highlands College with more than 400 hours of experience in their practicum – giving them credible experience in their field and the confidence to succeed in the ministry.

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