Revival in Colleges Now and During the “Jesus Revolution”

Revival in Colleges Now and During the “Jesus Revolution”

It is incredible to see how God is moving on college campuses across the country. We believe this exciting move is in response to our generation’s desperate need for change and our hunger for hope in a complex world. Like church leaders throughout history, the rising generation
of students is taking spiritual ownership of their classrooms, church gatherings, and communities. These are the moments when spirit-filled leaders affect change that allows the world to move forward in a new direction and closer to God.

Every fifty years, there seems to be a spiritual awakening across the nation. In the 1970s a series of extraordinary events at Calvary Church in Costa Mesa, California, sparked something new in young people and united the Church to seek God.  Last week, our students and staff had the unique privilege of previewing Jesus Revolution, a new movie that documents the revival. This opportunity could not have come at a better time.

“There is an entire generation searching for God.”
Lonnie Frisbee in Jesus Revolution

The lives changed and relationships built at Calvary Church in the 1970s were just one part of a larger movement happening across America during such a turbulent and culturally divided moment in history. The movie, based on real events and relationships between Pastor Chuck Smith, Pastor Lonnie Frisbee, Pastor Greg Laurie, and people in their community, showed us how true spiritual revival affects everyone—regardless of their background.

“The truth is simple.”
Kay Smith in Jesus Revolution

Together, we cheered, laughed, and gained valuable insights into the lives of individuals who witnessed God moving in their communities. They engaged and stewarded extraordinary moments that have made a difference across generations. It encouraged us to continue to seek God and His truth as we witness what’s unfolding across college campuses now.

If you have the opportunity to see Jesus Revolution, we hope you leave inspired. We also ask you to join us in praying for our students. They have chosen to pursue God’s call on their lives. Like those at the forefront of the “Jesus Revolution,” they will do incredible things in His name and reach others with the Good News. It will not always be easy. But because of the faith-filled tenacity we see in them, we believe they will build a better future and lead lives of eternal impact well after their time at Highlands College.