Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition for Highlands College is $30,000 annually. There is an additional of $12,000 in fees which covers housing, an iPad and eTextbooks, Campus Life experiences, and your meal plan.

No, Highlands College does not accept federal funding. We offer a Financial Program that assesses a family’s demonstrated need through an application process and develops an individualized package for qualifying students.

Yes, scholarships are available by application process for traditional incoming students. Once your student begins the admission application process, access to the scholarship application is provided on their application dashboard. Our scholarship committee reviews scholarships and financial program applications once their Highlands College admission application is complete.

You can learn more about the specific scholarships offered by Highlands College by visiting our Scholarships & Financial Program page.

he Highlands College Associate program payment option:

  •    40% due by August 2
  •    20% due on September 1
  •    20% due on October 1
  •    20% due on November 1

The Evening Program payment plan allows you to make two payments toward your tuition/fees over the course of the semester. One payment at the beginning of the semester and one payment halfway through the semester.

No, these all-inclusive fees cover everything your student will experience throughout their Highlands College journey—this includes tuition, an annual meal plan, on-campus student housing, an iPad, eTextbooks, co-curricular activity fees, exclusive ministry training events, and more. You can find a comprehensive list on our Tuition & Fees page.

Yes, student housing is included, and all incoming students are required to live on campus their first year.

Tuition is not tax-deductible because Highlands College does not receive or accept federal financial aid.