Alumni Spotlight: David Coburn – 2016 Graduate

Every day, David Coburn feels a powerful connection to his Highlands College experience.

As the Guest Experience Pastor at Elevation Church’s Greensboro, NC, location, David has his hands in many areas of the ministry. He oversees the church’s serve teams, leads its adult ministry, and handles their building operations and finances.

“I am 27 years old, and still somewhat new to the ministry experience,” said David. “But I truly feel there isn’t a scenario for which I am not prepared. I credit that solely to my time at Highlands College.”

David recognized that 2020 was going to be tough for many in his community, but he saw only new opportunities to welcome God where people needed Him most. David reached out to a local alcohol treatment facility called Sober Living America, and invited the men living there to visit Elevation. Now, 90 residents regularly attend worship each week. ‚ÄúCountless men have given their lives to Christ,” said David. “And they’ve taken their faith public with us through water baptisms.”

David also started a Young Adult Small Group this year to give young adults a chance to grow closer to God during a time of social separation. The group grew from 6 to almost 40 regular participants each week. “These young adults are more energized than ever,” said David. “They believe the local Church is the hope of the world.”

What David learned at Highlands College is not just amplified in his work with groups, but with each individual who craves God’s love. A local man who hit rock bottom this year, struggling with a divorce and alcoholism, found Elevation Church one evening in a desperate Google search. “I met him his second Sunday at our church and convinced him to join my group,” David said. “He hasn’t touched alcohol in months and is about to take his faith public through water baptism – and start his own group!”

Each day brings new challenges, but David remains grounded by his Highlands College training. “To those who I will never meet, who faithfully give to expand what God is doing around the globe with Highlands College, thank you,” David said. “Your contribution doesn’t just stop at Highlands College, it starts at Highlands College.”